Soggy the bear


The first story where the soggy adventures start. Soggy gets washed out to sea and is rescued by grandfather, who dries him out and places him in the rescue chair.


When Michael suggested that we should endeavour to do a children’s book together
as a mark of our long friendship. I immediately thought of the bear which I had rescued at sea whilst fishing some years before, and which had become part and parcel of my ‘Rescue Chair’ in my lounge.
The story was very quick in coming to mind, as I merely had to add a little fiction to the facts, and my desire being to help young children to understand the need for safety when on the beach or near the water. Younger children are not best taught by trying to explain the complexities of Air Sea rescue or Lifeboats, but do react very favourably to the predicament of a small creature such as a teddy bear, which they can relate to.

‘Soggy the Bear’ had a difficult birth, which is understandable for a first time author, but backed by the wonderful support of Michael Foreman, a long established prize winning author and illustrator, and an independent Book publisher who had a very positive attitude to our efforts, it came to be and the result was somewhat astonishing.
The first print run was gone in 10 weeks, and ‘Soggy the Bear’ is now on it’s third reprint and also in paperback.


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