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Manuscript and illustrations submission: Mabecron Books welcome submissions of relevant titles to our publishing program. Our benchmark is… quality, style and saleability.

All our current titles have a Cornish flavour as this means we are able to sell many thousands through our own bookshops, but many sell throughout the United Kingdom and we are fortunate to have good access to many friendly independent booksellers and the main UK Wholesalers.

Not having a Cornish theme does not barr a submission but will make the publishing decision difficult. We are particularly interested in children’s picture books, cookery, children’s fiction or indeed something which unfortunately is difficult to quantify.

We would love to meet creative authors and Illustrators and if you feel your work adheres to our guidelines please submit a paper version double spaced with a stamped addressed envelope to return your copy, any submissions without this may be discarded.

We do not take payment from any author or Illustrators; we are only interested in titles which can stand commercially in the market place.