First published by Andersen Press in 1986 as The Magic Ointment, and illustrated in mainly black and white, Mabecron Books decided that this glorious book deserved a much-improved presentation. Michael Foreman lovingly reworked the original illustrations to accompany the new expanded edition.

Eric Quayle was a widely respected author, collector and bibliophile with a library collection exceeding sixteen thousand books. An expert on children’s literature he also wrote a collection of traditional Japanese stories, The Shining Princess.

  • Author: Eric Quayle
  • Illustrator: Michael Foreman
  • Hardback £18.99
  • ISBN 9780956435095
  • 112 pages, 270 x 230 mm

Cornish Tales

Imagine yourself in a windswept Cornish cottage, it’s late at night, and the Piskies are up to their mischief. These atmospheric and traditional stories will bring to life places and creatures long forgotten in the mists of time but if you take a moment to pause… you might just hear the swish of a witches’ broomstick or the scurrying of Piskies and Spriggens around your feet!