Grandfather's Story

  • Author: Philip Moran
  • Illistrator: Michael Foreman
  • 32 pages full colour
  • Hardback ISBN: 9780995502833
  • Format: 260 x 199 mm
  • RRP: £12.99
  • For rights enquiries please contact Ron Johns

"Oh it must be awful to be in a war," said Soggy. "Were you frightened?"

"Oh yes, I was scared all right, but it was also strangely exciting," answered Grandfather.

Philip Moran (Grandfather in the Soggy stories) tells his own boyhood story of being evacuated to St Ives and growing up surrounded by his young friends, as well as American and British soldiers and airmen. Soggy and Jack sit on the edges of their seats as Grandfather tells them about running from enemy bombers, about dancing on the cobbled streets to the sounds of an army band, and of trying to make their riches selling fish.

Depicted by multi-award winning illustrator Michael Foreman, this new story is an exciting addition to the successful Soggy series, which has been enthralling new and returning visitors to St Ives since 2007.