The Incredible True Story of Thomas Pellow

  • Author: Craig Green
  • Illistrator: Oliver Hurst
  • 56 pages
    Fully illustrated in colour and b&w
  • Hardback ISBN: 9780957256064
  • Format: 245 x 305 mm
  • RRP: £13.99
  • For rights enquiries please contact Ron Johns

In 1715 a young boy from Cornwall was kidnapped, off the coast of Spain, by pirates. Twenty three years later he escaped and made a gruelling journey back to his home and family. The true story, previously told for adults in Giles Milton's novel White Gold, charts the epic rise of an 11-year-old boy who became a trusted member of the powerful Sultan Ismail's household, and ultimately led his army.

The incredible true story of Thomas Pellow has been re-imagined for younger readers by author Craig Green who takes us on the long journey from adventure-seeking to captivity to eventual freedom. The story has been beautifully illustrated by Oliver Hurst who faithfully captures the haunting seascapes, foreign lands, people and places which Thomas encountered along his way.