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Fiona Rose

Fiona Rose

Fiona Rose is a children's book illustrator/author who graduated in 2014 with a First Class Degree from Falmouth University, where she will soon be returning to complete her Masters. Fiona was awarded the 'Best in Show' award from D&AD New Blood and had her first book 'A Day With Grandpa' published last Autumn.  

Fiona loves thinking up magical, playful scenarios, inventing characters and taking them on adventures. Her inspiration is drawn from the beauty of nature, the inquisitiveness of children and the quirks of the mind.

Her illustrations are lively and vibrant, with a surreal twist and a warm charm.
"I have a passion for working in oils. My desk is always dirty, paintbrushes pop up around the house and I usually have a few streaks of paint running through my hair."

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